This image was taken by my gorgeous friend Annelize on a not so recent visit to South Africa. So if you are getting married in South Africa she is your girl:

My name is Stephnie Rooney. I added 'Anne' to my business name in honour of my mum who taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life, to love and care about people and to sew.
I love sunshine and statement earrings.
I was born on a farm in Namibia and studied Fashion Design in Cape Town. I have worked in the bridal industry for 17 years (ouch!)
I love photography and pinotage.

Stephnie Anne Design  designs and create dresses for real woman. Our work is personal. It is our passion.

Every dress is design and made for you to express your best self in your own way. We design a dress for your individual beauty and your lifestyle. When you walk down the isle I want it to be all about you and how happy you are. Not the dress. The dress should compliment you so beautifully that people see you first.

I have a husband called Paul and two busy boys called Michael and Daniel.
I love carrot cake and long walks.
I'm fluent in English and Afrikaans and wish I could speak French.
My husband doesn't like soup, but loves comics.

Love insprires me to create. You inspire me to love.
People inspire me to be a better person.
I love vintage sewing patterns and Neil Diamond.
My boys make me laugh every day.
I dream of changing the world.
I married my best friend on a wine estate.

Stephnie Anne Design is proud to design and make in Scotland.